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Lubanjski uspon 25, 51 000 Rijeka
 OIB: 65036556954
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Payment options for services and user rights

For the ordered services through our site the user pays only and exclusively the advance part of the amount in the following ways:

  • by credit or debit card authorization

  • via PayPal service

  • by bank transfer

At the moment when the advance payment has been made, SMILE BOOKER D.O.O. shall electronically inform the user that the payment has been successfully made and about the possibilities of commercial use of the ordered service.

If the user does not receive the notification from the previous paragraph, he/she should check:

• If the message is in the Junk/Spam folder

• If the mailbox is full

Advance payment by credit or debit card

If you pay by credit card, the contract is considered concluded at the time when SMILE BOOKER d.o.o. receives the confirmation of card pre-authorization for the amount of the advance payment.

The card payment system is not integrated on our website, but the system automatically redirects you to the authorised secure pages of the CORVUS PAY service that authorises card payments. After selecting the "Card" payment and completing the order, the card data entry field will open. Card and owner information is not stored on our servers or visible to us.

We only charge your card for the amount of the advance payment, which is previously reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after that the amount of the advance payment is charged.

The payment is made after the card has been successfully authorized. If the system refuses to authorise card payments, choose one of the alternative payment methods. We do not have information why your card has been rejected; it can be of technical or commercial nature.

Advance payment via PayPal service

When using the PayPal online payment service, your order will be redirected to the PayPal.com website. A prerequisite for this payment method is that you have a valid PayPal account. For more information about this service, visit www.paypal.com. The advantage of this method of payment is the protection of customers that PayPal offers to its users.

PayPal service users are redirected to the PayPal website where they will pay for their order in a standard way. After entering all the data, click on the confirmation button and you will receive a confirmation of a successful order to your e-mail address, or a message that the data is not entered correctly, so check the data and repeat the last step.

The PayPal service does not currently accept payment in HRK and for this reason the purchase price for PayPal payment will be converted and charged in euros. We warn you that when paying by a credit card in HRK, by the PayPal service, there may be significant exchange rate differences. SMILE BOOKER D.O.O. is not responsible, nor does it bear the exchange fees that PayPal charges its customers for currency conversion.

Advance payment by bank transfer

If you choose to pay the advance payment by bank transfer, we will send you a pro forma invoice by e-mail. You can pay the pro forma invoice at the bank or post office counter, or by internet banking.

The right to a refund of the advance payment

The customer/buyer has the right to a refund of the advance payment, reduced by possible handling costs in case of the advance payment by credit/debit cards or via PayPal service (up to a maximum of 10% of the advance payment amount) if he/she cancels the reservation 14 days before the agreed date.

In case of cancellation of the advance payment in the period shorter than 14 days until the agreed date, the customer/buyer loses the right to a refund of the advance payment.

Intellectual property rights

Documents published on this site may not be copied unless the copies are used for non-commercial and personal use. In the light of the above limitations, copying is allowed only if copyright notifications and warnings, other ownership warnings and limits of liability are indicated.

Any copying, reproduction or distribution of the information contained on this website is permitted only with the prior express consent of the owner of this website, or the company SMILE BOOKER d.o. o.


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Supplement to legal notice

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