ISTRA - Life in motion

ISTRA - Life in motion

Istria is without a doubt a complex

and never fully told tale. It is a mosaic

of diverse attractions, in which health,

active lifestyle and pleasure have

become one.

Istria’s tourist development has always relied on active holidays as the key for a healthy life. Indeed, this is the perfect way to restore or sustain your vital energy and find that crucial life balance. The quest for all this in the beautiful setting of the Istrian coast, islands and the interior has never been easier – everything here contributed to a pleasant life with the much needed equilibrium between activity and relaxation, eventfulness and peacefulness, as well as attractive offer at your complete disposal.

The inhabitants of the Istrian coast and the interior, dotted with indigenous houses and lavish villas, lead an active lifestyle where everything is adapted to the needs of contemporary guests. Luxury hotels with a carefully designed and comprehensive offer of wellness services, health tourism on thermal springs, medical facilities and dental offices are all attractions that appeal to guests who want to improve their health, enhance their appearance or simply reduce stress and raise their vital energy.

Istria is a mosaic assembled of copious and varied attractions, where everyone can create their own vacation as the perfect combination of rest, active life and relaxation. But whatever their motivation to go there, everyone will discover that Istria is a region of excellent food and olive oil and outstanding wines, and there is also undeniable proof for this level of quality: international medals from the most prestigious competitions as well as praise from what could be the most finicky critics – guests from around the world.

All of them so different and yet so united in their ratings. Istria is also known for its truffles, a unique ingredient in exquisite delicacies, and surely worth the trip.

The local taverns and top restaurants are the places where some of the best chapters in Croatian gastronomy are written, along with the experiences that are worth repeating over and over again.

Romantic Istrian hilltop villages, or the idyllic green interior of this peninsula help restore your energy and joie de vivre, and you can once again, full with enthusiasm, continue with your everyday life. The same, and yet so different.

The north-western part of the Istrian peninsula boasts Istarske Toplice, established at the source of the medicinal water called Sveti Stjepan, whose sulphuric, optimally radioactive warm water full of minerals surfaces in the Motovun forests and flows into the river Mirna.

The medicinal properties were confirmed for the first time through analysis carried out in 1858. Nowadays, it is used in the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases, dermatological diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, gynaecological issues andmfor post-operative recovery.

Istrian hotels offer a wide range of wellness services, providing individual programs tailored to your needs. Expert staff members and equipment fulfilling the highest functional standards are your allies in addressing health or aesthetic issues.

You will discover the intoxicating fragrances and healing powers of Mediterranean herbs and cosmetics made from them, nourishing the body and strengthening the spirit...

Istria is also well-known for its network of well-equipped dental clinics with state-of-the-art technology and affordable service that will make your smile even more beautiful...

Combining pleasure and practicality has never been this close. You will be able to enjoy the various amenities and visit beautiful Istrian towns and monuments. Pula is a city of lights and preserved historical heritage, a city of festivals, museums, as well as numerous cultural events, sports, superb gastronomy...

The Pula Arena is one of the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatres, and a truly special, unforgettable stage for countless music, film and theatre events, and performances by world-renowned and Croatian artists.

Perhaps you did not know that the world’s largest amphora site is located in Pula – over two thousand of these vessels used to preserve olive oil, wine, salted fish, canned fruit... the tradition has been written long ago, and the future is predetermined...

Poreč, the home of the Euphrasian Basilica, one of the most beautiful and best preserved monuments of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a popular tourist destination. Poreč is famous for itssports venues and an abundance of wellness services. 

The city of Umag hosts an ATP tournament, and it is a city characterised by a subtle connection between sports, tourism and wellness, a formula that ensures top activity, health and entertainment. Its history and architecture have made the city of Rovinj one of the most romantic Mediterranean towns, a reputation that it has proven through its exemplary tourist offer of wellness centres and active life, where health and a pleasant vacation are undeniable allies.

Visitors can also revel in natural beauty and diversity. Istrian hilltop vilages have been revitalised and now often serve as venues for cultural events, making them attractive destinations for excursions.

The Brijuni National Park, famous for its impressive facilities and a rich history, is located in the beautiful Brijuni archipelago.