Najčešća pitanja


You can book an appointment via SMILE BOOKER by entering a time range of 5 days within which the availability is searched. After selecting a suitable offer and making a 15% advance payment, SMILE BOOKER sends an e-mail to the customer confirming that a reservation request has been received. When the polyclinic accepts the appointment, a final confirmation email is sent to the customer with information about the exact date of the first examination, the exact location of the polyclinic and the contact, services and treatments included in the offer.

Some services require more than one appointment, and in some cases up to a few months may be required for the final treatment. The SMILE BOOKER is used to book the first date of a physical examination, while subsequent appointments are arranged directly with the polyclinic, depending on the specifics of each treatment and the patient.


Yes, the accepted offer can be cancelled electronically (via e-mail). Cancellation shall be effective from the day on which SMILE BOOKER receives the cancellation.

In case of cancellation of the accepted appointment up to 15 days before the date of the physical examination, the customer is entitled to a refund of the advance payment.

In case of cancellation of the accepted appointment less than 15 days before the date of the physical examination, the patient is not entitled to a refund of the advance payment.

After the final offer acceptance, the reservation date can be changed only under direct agreement with the polyclinic via the contact form of the Smile booker.

After cancelling a reservation through our site, you should receive a cancellation confirmation via email. Check your incoming mail as well as spam. If you do not receive the certificate of cancellation within 24 hours, please contact the polyclinic to check if they have received your cancellation.

The offer is considered accepted by the patient after the advance payment of 15% has been made; when the appointment is confirmed by the polyclinic, the appointment is reserved. The rest of the offer price of 85%, as well as any additional treatments agreed at the polyclinic are paid directly at the cash desk at the polyclinic, where the final invoice is issued.

Advance payment (15%) paid via SMILE BOOKER can be paid by: direct IBAN payment (bank transfer), by paypal, or credit cards:

  • Maestro

  • Master card

  • Visa

  • Diners

The rest of the payment (85%) is paid after the treatments have been performed directly at the polyclinic, using the means of payment supported by the polyclinic, which are indicated on the clinic's profile.

Your card is charged the amount of the advance payment (15%) when the polyclinic confirms the date of the examination. When the inquiry is made, the amount of the advance payment shall be reserved (pre-authorized) on the card, but the transaction is carried out only after the polyclinic has accepted the offer and the date.

Smile booker charges clients a reservation fee in a fixed amount of 70 kn (approx. 9 €)

Payment in advance is not possible because the Smile booker only charges an advance fee, and the polyclinic charges the rest of the price.

You can find the facilities of the polyclinic in your booking confirmation or on the profile of the polyclinic on the Smile booker.

Check your inbox and spam. If you still can't find your confirmation, send your inquiry to And we will send it to you again.

The polyclinic can issue an invoice for your reservation, so it is best to contact them directly.

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in Kuna (Croatian Kuna) per service, while the price in Euros is indicative and only for information. All credit card transactions are made in kunas. There may be a difference in the amount charged in Euros due to the difference in the exchange rate between the official rate and the rate of the credit institution of the guest. SMILE BOOKER cannot be held responsible for exchange differences or fees of other banking institutions.

SMILE BOOKER publishes the prices of services which are determined solely by the polyclinics, and it is solely responsible for them as a mediator. All the prices that become an offer when entering a filter, are indicative and refer explicitly to the selected services. It is possible that during the physical examination the doctor determines the need for further treatments, which can increase the final price. All additional services recommended at the on-the-spot physical examination at the polyclinics are agreed directly with the polyclinic.

The price includes all the facilities listed under the type of service in the offer. If a specific technology or material is offered as a part of the service, it is indicated in the customer's offer under "note".

Yes. The prices in the offer are the final prices in which the tax is included. Some polyclinics are not obliged to pay VAT, and this is evident in the final invoice that the polyclinic is obliged to issue -

Yes, Smile booker charges a fixed booking fee in the amount of 70 kn (approx. 9 €). The fee is indicated in the offer to the client and is paid together with the advance payment when booking.

Yes, the advance payment for the reservation can be paid by direct payment (bank transfer) or pay pal.

Yes, it is possible to use a debit card to make an advance payment and make a reservation.

When booking the service, it is possible to contact the card company to confirm that the credit/debit card used for the booking is valid and that no loss or theft has been reported. They can also check if the available balance is sufficient to cover the transaction costs. This is done in the form of the entire amount pre-authorization of your advance payment.
However, Smile booker shall not immediately charge your credit card. Smile booker shall charge your credit card in accordance with the terms and conditions relating to your booking.

Reservation (advance payment) is charged only when the polyclinic accepts and confirms the date of your appointment.

 Pre-authorization is performed very often, but is often replaced by debiting. Unlike in-store purchases, when your card is immediately charged the requested amount, which is deducted from the available balance on the card, pre-authorization is a temporary retention of a possible amount. The length of the duration may vary, and the card company may provide advice regarding further procedure.  

Your available balance shall be temporarily reduced by the full amount of the advance payment. You may notice "unprocessed transactions" on your credit card statement. If you are not sure if your card is pre-authorized, the card company can verify it.

Your server can inform you about the duration of the pre-authorization and can provide you with additional information related to the general rules and conditions of the pre-authorization process. Since conditions often vary, it is best to contact a card company to find out more details.

You can, but only with the permission of the credit card holder. When booking, please indicate that you are using someone else’s card with the permission of the card holder under 'notes'. The Smile booker may ask the card holder for authorization. Please note that in case the patient doesn't arrive or in case of late cancellation all fees shall be charged to the card which you entered to make a reservation.

When paying on our website, use CorvusPay - an advanced system for secure acceptance of payment cards via the Internet. CorvusPay ensures complete confidentiality of your card data from the moment you enter it in the CorvusPay payment form. Payment data is forwarded encrypted from your web browser to the bank has issued your card.

Our website never comes into contact with complete information about your payment card. Also, the data is inaccessible even to CorvusPay system employees. The isolated core independently transmits and manages sensitive data, keeping it completely secure.

The form for entering payment data is provided with the SSL transport code of the highest reliability. All stored data is additionally protected by encryption, using a cryptographic device certified according to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay meets all requirements related to the security of online payments prescribed by leading card brands, ie operates in accordance with the standard - PCI DSS Level 1 - the highest security standard of the payment card industry. When paying with cards included in the 3-D Secure program, your bank, in addition to the validity of the card itself, additionally confirms your identity using a token or password.

Please contact the polyclinic directly. You can find the contact details of the facility in the e-mail with the offer. For security reasons, you should never email your credit card information.

  If you are late for an appointment, it is important that you contact the polyclinic where you have scheduled an appointment as soon as possible. Most polyclinics will do everything in their power to help you.