About Us

About Us

Smile booker is a booking platform for health services at quality and proven clinics in Croatia.

Smile booker was born out of love and enthusiasm for the health tourism segment.

The platform is owned by Smile booker d.o.o. from Rijeka, Croatia. Our team brings together experts from the field of health tourism, marketing and IT industry, and all together have the function to create the best services and information for our clients.

The platform is designed to connect interested patients and quality clinics in Croatia in the simplest and most practical way possible.

The platform is primarily a tool for searching, comparing and booking appointments, and also provides additional information and recommendations on how to make the best use of your time in Croatia and thus create the best combination of useful and enjoyable experience.

On our platform, we place great emphasis on clients’ security. All polyclinics published on our platform are superbly equipped and employ experienced and quality doctors. The professional Smile booker team confirmed the professionalism and the pleasant ambience of polyclinics.

Another important information to our clients are real recommendations and experiences of service users, which will further help you choose the best clinic for you.

As intermediaries, we protect and facilitate our customers to find their way among the numerous offers of various polyclinics, and we provide the necessary information for choosing the most favourable polyclinic.

We also enable our customers to use a large number of additional benefits in the form of discounts and vouchers in tourist services, from accommodation services, gastronomic offer to wellness offer.

We are constantly investing in technology and marketing in order to provide our customers with a quality, functional and secure web platform, and to present Croatian health tourism in its most dazzling terms.

Our goal is to connect and create the best experience for our customers!